New Traditions

by Lucas Gifford

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The purpose of this project is to take old records/soundbites/movies from the 1950s or 1940s and repurpose them for something new.


released December 25, 2016




Lucas Gifford Fairfield, Illinois

Newbie producer since 2014.

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Track Name: Music Lesson
"Hello girls and boys! Today we're going to make music.
Happy music, and sad music, funny music, and serious music;
music that has many of the feelings we have!
So get your instruments and come along with me!
Lets put some of our feelings into music!
We will use rhythm sticks, a triangle, a drum..."

*music plays*

"Did you hear the happy feeling in that tune?
You know that feeling, don't you?
Its the feeling you have when something good happens to you.
The feeling that comes when you have a wonderful time with your very best friend,
or when you receive an invitation to a party, a gleam in your eye,
the feeling that makes you wanna hop, or leap, or fly!"

"We can feel it.
Colors shifting.
Find my footsteps.
Walk to ladders.
Fade out.

They can't feel it.
Fade out."
Track Name: He's a Gentle One
"He's a Gentle One..."

"Doctors came and they went away; they didn't know what was the matter with me, and then they knew. He reminded me that, 'It is not good for man to be alone,' he said that meant women too.

We're missing something.

But you don't always know how important those things are until you let them go by. This lonelyness has been lying in wait for me for a long time and thats what was wrong with me, Bill. I was sick for you."
Track Name: A Trip to Happiness
Yoga instructor:
"We'll start with inhale/exhale!
Inhale deeply, rise onto your toes, and stretch arms high.
Exhale, lower the heels, circle arms out and down.
Again, inhale and stretch high,
Exhale, lower your heels and arms."
Track Name: Flying Disk at New Mexico
Radio voice:
"Headline edition, July 8th, 1947.
The army air forces has announced that a flying disk has been found and is now in possession of the army.
Army officers say the vessel, found sometime last week, has been inspected at Roswell, New Mexico. New Mexico. New Mexico."
(repeats x2)